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The Iowa REI Expo 2017 is Now Over 

IT WAS HELD OCTOBER 26, 27 & 28, 2017

 Landlords – Property Managers –  Real Estate Entrepreneurs

We had a lot of fun hosting this event.
We truly appreciate our Attendees, Speakers and fabulous Sponsors who participated.


Join us for our next Iowa REI Expo!

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Iowa REI EXPO’s are held each year to celebrate Landlords, Property Managers, and Real Estate Entrepreneurs.  Attending our live EXPO brings together like-minded investors who are committed to advancing the industry, and to increasing their ability to not only survive, but to thrive!

This is THE ONLY event in Iowa where the primary mission is Uniting (Residential) Real Estate Investors for Success!

EXPO 2017 provided unparalleled opportunities to increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of your processes and staff.  —  Many were inspired to take their business to the next level.

We had 20 outstanding speakers, as shown below, including Mr. Landlord Jeffrey Taylor, and Brittney Calloway our featured speakers who were offering advanced training programs.

We will be offering “Jump Start” training for those who invested in program offered by both Mr. Landlord and Brittney.  Check our schedule at for future dates!

We squeezed in a special audio interview with Mr. Landlord and while here, he was showed what a master he is at engaging his audience.  We were honored to have him come to Des Moines!

We also interview Brittney and her video is below.

Brittney Calloway Interview

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Thursday - Oct 26

  • 7:30 Registration - Enter at South Doors

    Come early if you have not pre-registered!  Continental Breakfast provided.

  • 8:00 Announcements

    Road map of what to expect for these 3 days.

  • 8:15 Kick-Off!

    It’s a surprise!

  • 8:30 Jodie McDougal, Atty

    Landlord/Tenant Law.

  • 10:00 Speed Networking with Sherri Kubly & Marc Gillette

    Sherri and Marc do a great job of helping us get to know each other through professional networking that’s fun!   Bring business cards!  

  • 11:30 Vendor Meet & Greet

    Get to know our fabulous Vendors, who are sponsoring this event!

  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 2:00 Nick Fortune - Asset Protection - What Questions Should I be Asking?

    Entities, Trusts, Taxes, Estate Planning — All in one hour!  Listen fast!   Title and Content all subject to control of Nick Fortune.

  • 3:00 Dan Firestone - It's getting tougher to know your Applicant!

    Content subject to change.

  • 4:00 Michelle Moore Brady / Equity Trust - Alternate Asset Investing - Leveraging your SD-IRA

    Equity Trust holds over $30 Billion in assets under custody and/or administration!  A Tier-1 Vendor Partner with National REIA, Michelle will be sharing special benefits available to IaREIA-ILA members!

  • 5:00 All-Industry Reception, Buffet, and Trade Show

    Featuring our stellar line up of top-notch Vendors, great appetizers, and a cash bar!

  • 7:00 Mr. Landlord - '6 Ways to Increase Cash Flow by Thousands'

    Free and open to the Public!

    Be in your seats by 7:00 because Jeffrey Taylor will be sharing tips to pump up profits with every idea he shares!


Friday - Oct 27

  • 7:30 Registration - Enter at South Doors

    You should come early if you have not pre-registered.   Continental Breakfast provided.

  • 8:00 State of the Union -- 'Technology Enabled Disruptors'

    Andrew Lietzow, MBA – CEO/Exec Dir
    IaREIA – Iowa Landlord Association

  • 8:30 Updates on Iowa Code 562A Case Law

    Christopher Warnock, J.D., is perhaps the most up-to-date attorney in the State of Iowa on what the law requires of Landlords and Tenants.

  • 9:30 Break

    10 minutes, then be in your seat for prizes!

  • 9:40 Christopher Warnock - '6 Gotchas with F.E.D.'s'

    With us for the third time, Christopher Warnock is an attorney and co-founder of the Iowa City Tenants Project, and now a trainer for the IaREIA School of Real Estate.

  • 10:40 Vendor Meet & Great

    Get to know our great Event Sponsors!

  • 12:00 Lunch & Hallow's Even Tales of Horror
  • 1:00 Brad Zaun - 'Getting to know your legislators' or similar

    Title and content to be controlled by Senator Zaun.

  • 1:40 Special Recognition and In Memoriam
  • 2:00 Rick Krause & Cy Fox - Market Update on Rental Housing
  • 2:45 Break - 5th Inning Stretch

    Get organized for which Breakout Sessions you’ll be attending.   Remember, we’ll be videotaping them all, so pick the one which appeals most!

  • 3:00 Breakout Sessions - 3 sets of 3 - 50 minutes each

    There will be 9 different sessions.  Each one will be individually video recorded, so attend the one at which you want to ask questions.

    Again, all we be recorded — and we’ll be making the recordings available to attendees!

  • 7:00 Brittney Calloway - Get Your Time Back!

    F-R-E-E and Open to the Public.   Bring an investor buddy, or a soon to be an investor buddy.   Brittney is an REI Automation Master who’s coming to town to share her personal story and her tried and proven “secrets”!

Saturday - Oct 28

  • 8:00 Registration - Enter at South Doors

    Come early if you have not pre-registered.   Continental Breakfast provided.

  • 8:00 Brittney Calloway

    How a Newbie made 6 Figures in her 1st Year of Investing, Part 1

  • 9:45 Sandra Mrachina - 10 Mistakes Rehabbers Make
  • 10:30 Brittney Calloway

    How a Newbie made 6 Figures in her 1st Year of Investing, Part 2

  • 12:00 Vendor Meet & Greet

    Includes Lunch Time

  • 1:30 Brittany Calloway

    How a Newbie made 6 Figures in her 1st Year of Investing, Part 3

  • 3:00 Steve Ames -- 'Shacks on a Shoestring'

    How to get started with little to nothing down, slowly gain momentum, then climb a few more rungs on the ladder, then start making  quantum leaps that will blow up your future!

  • 4:30 Close - Andrew Lietzow

    The Power of the Alignment Eye – Putting it all together


Sandra Mrachina, OwnerA Home Above
Sherri Kubly, InvestorRabbit Creek Apts
Matt Palan, ArchitectOwner
Steve Iverson, DirectorIvySun Capital LLC
Ying Sa, CPA – FounderCommunity CPA
Michelle Moore Brady, Equity TrustNational Education Specialist
Cy Fox, CBRE/HubbellSales Associate
Steve Ames, InvestorAuthor, CEO Ames Rentals
Christopher Warnock, Atty.Attorney-at-Law
Jodie Clark McDougal, Atty.Davis Brown Law Firm
Roberta McAfeeBroker/Prop Manager/Investor
Dan Firestone, CICVice President
Rick Krause, CBRE/HubbellVice President
Nick FortuneCEO at Fortune DNA
Brittney CallowayREI Automation Pro!
Marc Gillette, InvestorRE Broker/Prop Mgr
Mr. Landlord – Jeffrey TaylorMr. Landlord
IA Senator Brad ZaunIA Senate Judiciary (Chair)
Andrew Lietzow, MBA – CEOIaREIA & Iowa Landlord Assn
Jack HindertHome Depot, Iowa Prosales Area Representative

Registration is now closed for this event.

If you would like to help us plan the next one, please call (515) 255-0675 and we’ll put you to work, muy pronto!